Scavenger Hunt

    Go in search of the pirate Barbossa treasure, lost in a historic battle against the fleet of the Spanish conquistadors. Imagine there for hundreds of years, while the sea still covered the park La Yole Adventure, and this sand under your feet lined the depths of salt water, a memorable battle broke out between the boat Barbossa and a Spanish ship . Under a violent storm, rough seas for three full days and three long nights, guns raged, swords clashed, sails in flames fell to ashes in a frantic struggle. Barbossa had won all his battles, collecting still more gold and jewels, until sad day when the damage was so great that the boat sank, carrying the famous treasure. For noting on the world, the pirate Barbossa would have abandoned his treasure and he plunged search but no one never saw him resurface.


    According to legends, the Barbossa treasure would be somewhere in the park, also said he would be kept by the pirate soul… Completely by luck, on his expedition to these lands, Johnny Bambou found a mysterious map …


    Help Johnny Bambou to decode the map to lead you to the pirate’s treasure, he will put at your disposal his adventurer’s briefcase!

    A surprise is waiting for you!

    Remember to equip yourself with closed shoes and long pants, the jungle is sometimes dense!


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