P’tits Mouss’

    The p’tits mouss’ space is an area reserved for children aged 3 to 5 years old, who are not of age and height to climb by autonomy and on tracks to more than one meter of height, and who are not able to assimilate all the safety instructions.
    For them, our team has devised a dedicated area:


    • A track without lifeline and without equipment at a meter high;
    • A net path of 90m² with balloons and slide;
    • The village of the beavers, small cabins and acrobatic tunnels;
    • A space of skill games, coloring …

    A small world stands here, you can climb in the boat stranded, leap in the air and dominate the island, go through the beaver village where Johnny Bambou finds refuge during his expeditions …


    The whole family can enjoy the park without limits!


    Companist mandatory, parent or tutor! (FREE for the companion)

    OUVERTURE DU PARC A PARTIR DU 30 MAI (Réservation obligatoire) : cliquez ici pour en savoir plus