Arbofilets ©

    The net tracks are ropes courses novel in which the practitioner moves freely, without equipment. Immense colored nets seas stand between the trees, the canvases are stretched as trampolines. The rebound sensation and illusion of walking above the void provide fun and excitement.


    Come walk above the void and taste weightlessness !


    NEW -> the large net area now has a labyrinth and giant balls !!! You can try the Net Zorbing, a big rugby 3 meters high equiped Bumper Balls, hit your opponents, jump, leap to not know how to get up!



    La Yole Adventure Park designed especially for you 2 Arbofilets © :

    • A net zone of 90m² exclusively to the offer « P’tit mouss » from the 3/5 years old ;
    • A net zone of 300m² in family from 6 years old !!!


    Closed shoes and tee-shirt mandatory !



    OUVERTURE DU PARC A PARTIR DU 30 MAI (Réservation obligatoire) : cliquez ici pour en savoir plus