Adventure tracks

    The ropes courses are fun tracks and sports where the practitioner moves from tree to tree independently and securely. The activity allows to enjoy a natural landscape setting preserved while moving acrobatically, mixing fun and thrills. Our classic lifeline system makes it possible to work its traction under our greatest supervision.

    This is the perfect opportunity to test his limits and surpass, overcome fears and to satisfy his temerity by becoming a true adventurer!

    La Yole Adventure Park offers a range of 9 tracks of different levels from 3 years old.

    • One track « Briefing» mandatory track ;
    • One track « Perroquet» indigo level from 5 years old ; NEW !
    • One track « Mat’l’eau» purple level in family from 5 years old ;
    • Two tracks « Jambe d’bois» green level in family from 7 years old ;
    • One track « Vigie Pirate» yellow level in family from 9 years old ; NEW !
    • One track « Corsaire» orange level in family from 9 years old ;
    • One track « Cap’taine» red level in family from 11 years old (1,40 meters of size) ;
    • One track « Amiral» extreme black level level in family from 11 years old (1,40 meters of size).


    Come on to ride a BMX to 6 meters

    Sliding down a zip line 100 meters

    Jumping into the void from a platform located 9 meters

    Walking on a slackline over 6 meters

    Climb the climbing wall !

    Swing on a vine for a stunning Tarzan jump

    Try the famous climb to the rope of black track

    Surf in the air … !!!




    Closed shoes and tee-shirt mandatory !




    OUVERTURE DU PARC A PARTIR DU 30 MAI (Réservation obligatoire) : cliquez ici pour en savoir plus